Secondary school “Bishop Konstantin Preslavski” – Burgas was established in 1976 and the previous name of the school was “Dimitar Polyanov”.

1   In 1983 the school entered the new building, which is in at the present. There are 30 classrooms for 1050 students. It is renamed as Secondary school “Konstantin Preslavski“ with the decision of the Municipality in our city Bourgas. And now since 22nd April 2013 with the order of the Minister of the education, youth and science Nicolay Miloshev the school has been renamed as Secondary school ”Bishop Konstantin Preslavski”.

   Since school year 1991/1992 seventh graders have been enrolled in our school after passing state exams in Bulgarian language and Mathematics. Since this year first students have been enrolled in specialized classes with major subjects – Biology, Physics, Chemistry.

   Since school year 1999/2000 there has been a class with a major subject IT and extended English language studying.

  At the moment there are over 570 students in our school. Our students as a tradition achieve the bestфутболисти 11-12 клас results in National exams in Bulgarian language and Mathematics after 7th grade among the other students in the city. In school year 2014/2015 eighth graders started studying in specialized classes with major subjects – IT, Biology and Business management. Our students obtain high knowledge in English, German and Russian languages. We have long traditions in different activities. There are many student clubs which were formed through the years – “Debates”, “Reproductional health”, “Literature club”, ”Young European citizen” and “Applied art”. Students win prizes in Olympiads in Biology, Geography; in Mathematics and IT, Art, Literature and Philosophy competitions.

  At present we cooperate with Municipal children complex – Burgas. Students participate in different clubs – “Animation and show club”, “Orthodox study”, “ Theatre school” , “Eco club”. There is also extended additional foreign language teaching in English, Russian, French and Chinese languages.

  We started republishing our school newspaper “Preslavski News” in 2012 year.

Treti mart 13  Our students can participate for free in activities out of school lessons in swimming, football, basketball, volleyball and table tennis. Through the years Secondary school “Bishop Konstantin Preslavski” – Burgas won many times first prizes in city group sports competitions and swimming. Now some our school premises are used by different clubs – national dances, karate, jiu-jitsu, boxing, basketball, handball and swimming sports.

  In Secondary school “Bishop Konstantin Preslavski” – Burgas there are modern Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography laboratories, specialized Music and Art classrooms, two gyms, two fitness gyms, a swimming pool, a school hall for 300 students, a library, and a school canteen. Four IT laboratories are established and equipped with modern equipment including one, which is equipped with computers from leading company “Lenovo”, donated by the Chinese ambassador GuoYedzhouin the Autumn of Year 2012.

  Our students have School club and every year they choose School Paliament – their self–government institution.

   In school year 2013/2014 we??????????????????????? reestablished primary education in our school and we met for the first time after 30 years break 44 first graders, who are educated by highly qualified teachers and tutors.

   Every class has its own classroom, which is maintained by students and their teachers (form masters). The school is secured by twenty-four hour security guard. There is also a system of video observation and wireless internet connection.

   Dear guests of our site, the successful performance of Secondary school ”Bishop Konstantin Preslavski” – Bourgas through the years is due to all students educated in our school, who left their marks in our chronicles, just as state, municipal and nonstate organizations which were and are our partners. If you want to contact us you can do this trough following addresses:

Address: Secondary school “Bishop Konstantin Preslavski”- Burgas

zh.k. “Slaveykov” near to bl.44

8010 Burgas, Bulgaria


Web: www.preslavski.eu

Fcebook group: https.//www.facebook.com/groups/preslavski.burgas/

Principal: Martin Iliev

Phone:  +359 56/86 09 05

Vice principal’s: Momka Momcheva (Learning activity) & Ivelina Dimitrova (Administrative and economic activities)

Phone:  +359 56/86 08 47

Cross-border project BG – TR


       Secondary school “Bishop Konstantin  Preslavski” – Burgas participates in the 2014 – 2015 year in the project “Festival of Generations” IPA Cross – Border Program Bulgaria – Turkey (CCI NUMBER: 2007CB16IPO008 – 2013 – 3-040) in the third call for proposals as a partner in the implementation of the Association “AGORA Platform – Burgas branch” and in Luleburgaz High School, District Kırklareli, Turkey. Project activities are under contract № RD-02-29-305 / 10.10.2014, the duration of 12 months (October 2014 – October 2015).

      SL704550The project aim is to create a common way for communication on base accumulated social and cultural experiences of representatives of different generations to achieve a social development and networking for social cohesion in the border region Burgas – Luleburgaz.

      The project will develop a methodology for the study deficits in communication between generations through talks, discussions and interviews between representatives of different generations. Students from Burgas and Luleburgaz will be able to find and systematize their family history or history of famous local families and to draw family trees. Will be formed Youth groups “Generation Z” in Bulgarian and Turkish school to develop a series of activities grouped in artistic workshops, where they will create art related to music, dance and theater. The project will be presented with Photographic exhibition “Generations”, which will include iconic images of the work process in Bulgaria and Turkey. The Festival will be held between generations and the International Conference in Burgas and Luleburgaz.

       Implementation of activities will expand cross-border contacts and enhance cultural and educational cooperation in the border region Burgas – Luleburgaz.

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